4 inspiring posts for our international readers

We know that we have both international members of our network and also potential readers of our blog – but it has been a while since we last posted english content, so we decided to just make a small summary of 4 interviews and posts that you can find in english on our blog:

“Don’t ask for an invitation, just go for it”
An interview with Tuva Palm, Chief Technology Officer og Chief Product Officer hos Nordnet Bank

In relation to being a woman in fintech, it has its advantages and disadvantages, of course. You can be questioned more, as always when you step outside the norm, but you also get more attention when you succeed.

You are no longer a passive user – you are becoming a creator
An interview with Lenka Prochazkova from Codher about Rainmaking Hackathons

Hackathons are not about the perfect code, they are about turning your innovative conceptual idea into something tangible and presentable.

From Addis Ababa to Aarhus
Interview with Cynara Vetch from the empowerment project #SheShapesTheCity

If we do our job right you will get lost in great content; Beautiful creative portraits which are art more than reportage and stories in audio which is such an intimate and authentic medium.

International friends wanted!
Written by Ladies First Partner Katja Meyer about her experience of moving to another country.

I learned useless words like ‘potato’ and ‘pear’ because someone told a story about how they sound similar, but other than that my vocabulary was restricted to pleasantries and ordering beer. Although that will get youreally far in Finland, I definitely felt secluded.

Happy reading – and don’t hesitate to contact us, if you want to help us produce more career- and entrepreneurial content for our international readers (hello@ladiesfirst.dk).

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