We give before we take

When we open up our very first international networking group in Ladies First history, it will be with yogateacher and consultant Tine Kotzé as a facilitator. She lives in an international family herself, and joined a Ladies First network as a participant in the fall 2016. Here you can read a little bit more about her and her expectations for the group…

Briefly tell us about your reasons for wanting to facilitate this spring’s Ladies First International Network

When I found out that Ladies First had decided to offer an international network for professional and entrepreneurial women in Aarhus, I was eager to facilitate the network. Ladies First has already established itself as a viable, effective and inspirational network nationally and in Aarhus. However, until now it’s networking groups have been in Danish, which has excluded a group of highly motivated international women from different backgrounds who might not know the Danish language or struggle to express themselves fully when speaking Danish. Sometimes it is just easier to express yourself in a language that you feel comfortable with.

I know this first hand because I myself come from an international family where half of it speaks English. I also have yoga company in Aarhus, From Yoga With Love, and I often travel to other countries, correspond with colleagues and business partners abroad or teach classes in English. I also work as a consultant with volunteer organisations and have experience facilitating meetings and workshops.

I feel there is a need in Aarhus for international women to be able to connect with peers about their professional lives and careers and I hope that the Ladies First International Network will meet this need.

What are your expectations for the International Network?

I hope that I will meet a lot of inspirational and passionate women from different backgrounds. I hope to build strong ties within the group to support each other in a cultural landscape that might be different from what they are used to. What I learned from participating in one of the previous Ladies First networking groups is that I had absolutely no idea what networking was. I learned this through my participation in the group.

In Ladies First, we give before we take. This might seem like a simple thing to do or say, but often, the opposite is true.

I hope that I will be able to convey this message in the international networking group and thereby enable the group to inspire and uplift each other in their aspirations.

What are you looking most forward to?

I’m mostly looking forward to meeting the women in the group. In this, I am greatly influenced by my background in Anthropology and Religious Studies, and I hope to meet women from many different cultural, ethnic and religious backgrounds, helping them come together to talk about their diverse careers and professional lives.

I’m looking forward to facilitating the group and providing them with five months of inspiration and networking opportunities.

From experience, I know that a lot can happen in five months and I cannot wait to see what the process will be like for each and everyone of them and to see them reach for the stars, encouraged by like-minded women wanting the best for each other.


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