Workshop om personlig ledelse: 3 hurtige til Susan Salzbrenner

Torsdag d. 3. november afholder vi Ladies:Meet – Workshop om personlig ledelse i København. Her er en sneak-peak på hvad du kan glæde dig til – vi har stillet 3 hurtige til Susan Salzbrenner, den ene af de to workshop-facilitatorer. 

What is personal leadership for you?
To me, personal leadership is about directing your life towards a vision with clarity and consistency. It also means incorporating all aspects of what makes you you, and remaining authentic.

It’s about finding best practices to maintain the essence of who you are when times get hectic and to be able to follow your purpose.

It’s an individual process that never ends of finding out what methods, tools and practices work for you.

Why is it important to highlight personal leadership?
The Japanese have a concept called “Ikigai” – your reason for being (see picture).


It is the sweet spot between what you love, what you are good at, what the world needs, and you can live off of it. A difficult spot to find and keep in sight. Personal leadership practices such as vision and goal setting, managing conflicting role expectations, making time for reflection and mindfulness, dealing with adversity and conflicts, and much more help you remain on that path to your ikigai. No one wakes up every morning and only deals with things that are pleasant and fulfilling. We all have obligations, pressures (internal and external) and expectations that we need to handle. But having a strong sense of “leading from within” will help you not lose sight of your purpose. In my opinion, that is essential in times when information overload and competing priorities cause us negative stress and frustrations. There is also a sense of following quick trends, as new technologies arise and the next big idea is always around the corner.

Personal leadership is about knowing your strengths and unique talents to contribute meaningfully, instead chasing other people’s dream.

Can you give your latest example on how you used personal leadership?
One of my personal leadership practices that I turn to very regularly is peer-coaching. I have a network of other trainers and self-employed coaches that meets once a month virtually to discuss difficult conversations we have had with clients, any obstacles or hurdles, and really just spill your gut out if need be.

It’s tremendously helpful when you work as a solopreneur to share your successes and failures with others.

It puts things back in perspective and I always come back from these mastermind meetings with newly found energy. I definitely recommend others to find peers that aren’t afraid to give critical feedback and hold you accountable.

Vil du vide mere om Susan, så tjek hendes website ud. Og husk at købe billet til workshoppen her


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