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Ladies First Network has access to more than 20,000 women from diverse industries and levels in Denmark. We strive to assist the development of women’s talents in their work life. Ladies First offers services which can support companies attract, retain and advance women within diverse industries and companies.

We use the SDG5 as strategic basis for achieving a labor market with increased gender diversity and equal representation. Ladies First offers a wide range of services and collaboration opportunities for companies and organizations.

We assist with insights and experience in establishing business-oriented career networks for women, mentoring programs, advice on retaining and developing female talents, facilitating workshops and talks as well as provide companies with the opportunity to showcasing how they work with SDG5 on our platforms.

If you have other suggestions for collaborations, please contact us:

Internal career network

Establishing an internal network for the company’s female employees can be one way to create space for talent development as well as retaining the talents. Ladies First can assist with the development, establishment and facilitation of a network within the company as well as between several stakeholders, for example between companies in the companies supply chain.

Workshops and talks

Would you like to work with the implementation of SDG5 or put a spotlight on female talent development and gender diversity in your company? We can help you accelerate the process through facilitated workshops and talks.

We offer three types of talks and/or workshops:

  • Unconscious Bias
  • Talent Development
  • Diversity and Inclusion
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Talent development

We believe that talent is a potential that exists in everyone. These potentials can be realized through the right efforts and the right environment. Through workshops and talks, we can address the following:

  • What is a talent?
  • What are the perspectives on talent development?
  • Why do we need to work with talent development?
  • How to work with a talented mindset?
  • How can you work strategically with the fulfillment of potentials?

Unconscious Bias

All people have bias, it's all natural. However, we are influenced by our bias in decision making and this can in some cases result in inappropriate choices that can influence growth and development. Get answers to why people have bias. The relationship between bias, prejudice and discrimination. How unconscious bias can affect workplace relationships. How we can reduce or eliminate bias in our decision-making processes? How we detect and articulate bias in work-related situations, e.g. when hiring.

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity works through inclusive strategies. Through this presentation or workshop we answer the questions:

  • What are the potentials for diversity?
  • How is diversity linked to inclusion?
  • How can diversity create a foundation for innovation and a positive work environment?
  • How do we build inclusive cultures?
Consulting and D&I Partner

If it is a priority for your company to attract, develop, retain and advance female talent, we can support your work operationally, tactically as well as strategically.

We act as an external partner by offering consulting within the following areas:

Employer Branding | Leader & Employee Development and Advancement | Internal and External Communication | Cultural Analysis | Organizational Development and Strategy.

Our approach is tailored to fit your needs.

Co-branding, collaboration and Partnerships

At Ladies First we always want to open our doors for new partners and collaborations. A collaboration between Ladies First and your company could e.g. consist of:

 Your company as sponsor of events by providing location or catering services

Ladies First markets your company logo at our networking events in Denmark: Ladies:Work, Ladies:Meet, Ladies:Learn or Ladies:Stories and/or through our online communities on Facebook.

At Ladies First, we offer co-branding and other promotional activities for companies and organizations that actively work to balance gender diversity within their company.

If your company is interested in co-branding through Ladies First's platforms and/or events, we have several options:

  • Corporate & employer branding
  • Podcast Sponsor
  • Native content / SoMe content
  • Strategic collaborations

If your company could be interested in other types of communication on Ladies First’s platforms, we would like to discuss the possibilities of creating custom initiatives.

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Corporate and employer branding    

At Ladies First we want to open our doors and platforms for inspirationalorganizational portraits from companies that actively work with SDG5 or who prioritize gender diversity.

Would you like to see your company or organization promoted as a role model when it comes to SDG5?

A collaboration could e.g. consist of:

  • A portrait of the company's internal initiatives to create gender diversity showcased on Ladies First's blog·
  • Native content/ customized SoMe post about the company's initiatives on Ladies First's primary Facebook, Linkedin or Instagram profiles·
  • Your company logo on Ladies First's website as an active partner working with SDG5.


Our podcast Ladies:Talk is broadcasted through Spotify, Podimo and iTunes.

  • The name of your company is mentioned in the podcast
  • Your company contributes with a representative/interviewee for the podcast with a relevant topic.
  • We collaborate on a theme for a podcast episode or series with your company as sender

Native content/SoMe    

Is your company interested in being showcased on Ladies First platforms? The let's have a conversation about the possibilities and see if there's a fit in values.

We have large platforms on:

  •   Facebook
  •   Linkedin
  •   Instagram
Mentorship programs 

Mentorships could be one of the keys to success when it comes to retaining and developing female talent.

Mentorships creates a sense of being supported as well as a greater satisfaction with one’s career and work life.

Mentorship programs could be established internally within one company, however, they also work with great success across different industries.

At Ladies First we can ensure the development and implementation of a tailor-made mentorship program customized for your company, where the starting point is insight into the company goals and culture.

We provide education for the mentor as well as follow-up on the mentor/mentee relationship and ongoing follow-up on the overall progress, so the companies’ goals are reached. '

The creation of a professional network between all mentors provides an added value in the form of reflection on the learning and development process.

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These are organisations and companies that Ladies First collaborate with in different ways to support the cause of creating more diversity and representation at work. If your company wishes to be shown here, then contact us.

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The ladies behind

Ladies First | Nikoline Nybo

Nicoline Nybo,
Partner & COO

BA Anthropology og Kaospilot with experience within cultural analysis, anthropological methods, project- and proces design and leadership, organisational development and facilitation.

Ladies First | Louise Marie Genefke

Louise Marie Nsofor Genefke,
Partner & CEO

Cand. mag., leadership consultant, external lector at Aarhus University with experience within leadership, communication and facilitation.